This Tucson Costume Designer has Stitched Together Decades of Gaslight Theatre Fashion

Posted: Aug. 20

A time-traveling mad scientist. Swashbuckling pirates in search of lost treasure. And a space princess determined to have intergalactic peace.

These colorful characters brought to life on the Gaslight Theatre’s stage all have something in common — what they wear — the electrifying white wig, eye patches and sparkly teal dress with a crown to match — all come from Tucson’s own Gaslight Costume Shoppe, reports

Renée Cloutier, Gaslight’s head costume designer, first created the theater’s costumes from home in the early 1980s.

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Caption: Gaslight Theatre’s founder, Tony Terry, says Renée Cloutier’s dedication to costuming makes his job running the theater easier. “Nobody has to tell her ‘Hey, I want you to do a great job,’” Terry says. “She’s an absolute gem and I don’t know how other theaters get by without Renée doing their costumes.” Credit: