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AVENGERS: ENDGAME Cast Reveal New Costumes, Little Else At Press Day

Posted: April 25, 2019

"Whether or not the events of “The Snap” will be reversed, Avengers: Endgame marks the climax, and culmination, of 11 years of Marvel movies, as the stories of now dozens of superheroes continue to evolve, presumably in some cases towards definitive conclusions. That epic journey prompted a lot of reflection, and speculation, at the recent Los Angeles press day for Endgame, but in the interest of protecting the movie’s surprises, produced few real answers. Nevertheless, a showcase of new costumes from the upcoming film paired nicely with the observations of cast and crew members old and new as they celebrated this benchmark in Marvel’s cinematic history. 

“I’m super excited for this to come out - mostly just so that I can talk about it,” said Brie Larson, whose Captain Marvel just crossed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. “I want to be able to talk about my experience!” Larson went on to talk about how her ensemble turn in Endgame was so meaningful."

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Game of Thrones' 12 Fiercest Costumes (to date), Ranked

Posted: April 17, 2019 

"It's virtually impossible to go to any con these days and not see some form of Game of Thrones cosplay every other second, from Daenerys with a dragon perched on her shoulder to the Hound clutching a KFC bucket (this actually happened). You know at least 10 Jon Snows are going to be there sweating it out in faux fur.

The show’s head costume designer, Michele Clapton, brought the fashion of Westeros to life in every way possible, from wearing down leather and metal as if they’ve already gone through battle to using something really unexpected for that cape Jon never seems to take off. Embroiderer Michele Carragher used her sorcery to add an unreal amount of detail to many of the already rich fabrics. Even the twigs and leaves that cloak the Children of the Forest glimmer with beads and sequins up close.

Fashion in Westeros is loaded with meaning and symbolism. Some, like the animals of Houses that come just short of eating each other on the wedding dress Sansa never actually gets married in, is obvious. Even more is based not just on George R.R. Martin's verbal imagery but the journey a character experiences from the end of a long summer to the blast of brutal winter. Entire wardrobes can represent character evolutions.

Before we see what potential cosplays Season 8 has to reveal, see the costumes we at SYFY WIRE can’t erase from our memory after seven seasons — and relive who wore what to their wedding, battle, death, or otherwise.


The robes Varys can't live without

You think you'd be a little less conspicuous when your main objectives are gossiping and poisoning people, but Varys likes it luxe and lush. He always seems to wear these robes in different colors and has this exact same one in purple. However much you love to hate the eunuch, you can't deny how rich he looks, which probably has to do with the Game of Thrones costume team weaving their own fabrics.

Maybe his little birds told him that."

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Smiffy's Contact Information Correction

Posted: April 16, 2019

We regret that the contact information for Smiffy's was incorrectly listed in the February issue of Costumer magazine. 
The correct information is:

Contact Maxine Andrews

Email                     [email protected]

Phone                   888 776 4339 ext 701

Fax                         888 776 4339

2019 NCA Conference - Creative Style Show

Posted: April 17, 2019

The NCA Board of Directors is proud to announce the return of THE CREATIVE STYLE SHOW next July at the Conference in Kansas City. We're now taking reservations to participate in this most popular event! Here's how it works: Each volunteer shop receives the same mystery box in late February/early March and they use the entire contents to create a costume for the Runway Show at the Conference. Sometimes the box is funny – sometimes not! That's the challenge! You can also add $15 of your own for thread, zippers or special trims! There are limited spots available for this event “All Jazzed Up!”. The theme can be interpreted any way you like. Take time to join the others already committed and call (402) 556-1400 or email [email protected] and we'll make sure you're a part of this NCA Costume Tradition. (And the costume is yours to keep!)



Costume Designer Michelle Clapton Looks Back on 8 Seasons of 'Game of Thrones' Creations and Challenges 

Posted: April 9, 2019 

"Clapton reminisces with Fashionista about her favorite Game of Thrones costumes, the tricky problem-solving her team tackled, Daenerys' internet-breaking coat and the truth about Jon Snow's fur cloak, which was actually not from Ikea (!).

Arguably no series has captured the imagination of so many people or spawned an obsessive fanbase quite the way HBO's "Game of Thrones" has, and a large part of what makes the show so appealing is its lush, detailed sets and costumes. Michele Clapton, the costume designer during the series' entire run (except for during season six when she took a break to design costumes for Netflix's "The Crown"), was the visionary behind many of the now-iconic looks.

I've had the privilege of speaking to Clapton several times about her team's creations since I started covering the show's fashion right here at Fashionista back in 2013. We've discussed everything from the Purple Wedding (RIP Joffrey!) to Sansa's own ill-fated wedding to the terrible Ramsay Bolton to Daenerys' love of deep-Vs with straps to Euron Greyjoy's knockoff Rick Owens coat.

Now, in this wide-ranging conversation with Fashionista, the Emmy-winning costume designer looks back on eight seasons of the show, telling us about her favorite looks, how she and her team got through some sticky situations and who got to keep pieces of their costumes. 

Do you have a favorite costume from the whole series?

I'm divided, really. I love Cersei's coronation dress [season six finale] because of the weird relationship it [symbolized] with her father. In some ways it was an homage to him, but in some ways, it was mocking him. I loved the way her crown had the sigil in a really clear, minimal way, which I felt indicated how she was going to move forward, in these really clean strokes. There was no room for all that went before. It was a very different approach. I liked the structure, I liked the simplicity of it, I liked everything it said without saying anything."

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