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Posted: February 20, 2019 

Thank you to everyone who joined or renewed in February! 

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Back To Basics

Posted: February 13, 2019

By Jasmine Glasheen

Why young customers love physical stores

"In the coming years, the combined population of the millennial and Generation Z demographics — essentially people 40 and under — will make up more than half of the United States. In 2019, Gift Shop will present a series of articles looking at the shopping traits of those generations and how brick-and-mortar retailers can market to them and, more importantly, create an in-store shopping experience that will keep them coming back. Here is part I:

Brick-and-mortar is back in vogue and young consumers are leading the charge in the resurrection of physical retail. A hefty 98 percent of Gen Z customers make most of their purchases in physical stores and there is an obvious appeal to shopping for special event products in person. While a lack of access to credit cards may be a contributing factor to Gen Z’s preference for brick-and-mortar, their millennial predecessors can use all the plastic they want when making purchases and 72 percent of them still prefer to do their shopping in physical stores.

So, what’s the big pull of brick-and-mortar retail, and why are physical stores so alluring for millennial and Gen Z customers? Let’s take a look.

The added appeal of ‘try before you buy’

 There are certain things intelligent smartphone apps still can’t do. Customers have to visit a physical store to see how cosmetics will react on their skin, what a costume will look like with their boots and hat from home, how the fabric of a garment fits their body, or just to have an in-person sensory experience with a brand. Maybe this is why in today’s era of tech and disruption, 77 percent of Gen Z customers would rather make a purchase in-store. In addition, Gen Z is more likely to engage with store associates that any other generation. Forbes reported, “Despite being perpetually on their smartphone, Gen Z shoppers are more likely to ask for help in a store. Twenty-eight percent of them would ask for help, versus just 21 percent across all other generations.”

Judging by Gen Z’s proclivity for engaging with actual human beings, it could look like some chatbots are going to be out of a job. It’s important to note, however, that young consumers value an omnichannel shopping experience — meaning in-store, on smart phones, with chatbots, etc. — and they expect to have a consistent experience with a retailer regardless of what channel they use to interact." 

Read the full article online here


Sandy Powell on Designing Costumes for Two Films at Once: "It Was a Miracle"

Posted: February 13, 2019

The veteran worked on 'Mary Poppins Returns' and 'The Favourite' simultaneously — and now she's received Oscar nominations for both: "I wouldn't do it again in a hurry, because it's unlikely it could work so smoothly again."

"Sandy Powell is no stranger to the Academy Awards, with three wins already under her belt for costume design (Shakespeare in LoveThe Aviator and The Young Victoria). But with her two nominations this year — for The Favourite and Mary Poppins Returns — she has become the most Oscar-nominated costume designer alive, with 14 nominations. (And it's not even her first year as a double nominee: In 2016, she received nods for both Carol and Cinderella.) This time, her workrooms for both films were created only a few yards apart at Shepperton Studios in London, where Mary Poppins Returns was filmed. She created 400 of the costumes for Mary Poppins and all 150 costumes in The Favourite from scratch. "The adrenaline kept me going," says Powell — who reveals here the first costume idea she had after reading Mary Poppins Returns (it was for the big animated sequence), the most time-consuming look in the film and why she was "determined" to do The Favourite."

Read the full article online here


2019 NCA Conference - Auction News

Posted: February 6, 2019

We have an amazing auction planned for those attending. It will be a silent auction with items from all over the country. Our Vendor members and other vendors were very generous in donations for our last convention. This year we hope to exceed your expectations. The auction will be a “silent” auction, where members and guests cast bids on the items as they appear on display. (It is always fun to try and beat “Louella” to the last bid). Auction items will also be available online for those who cannot attend. 

This year we are planning on also conducting a live auction on 5 or more specialty items. These items will be announced early in 2019. The specialty auction items will consist on hand made items, exclusive costumes built by some of our members and other unique one of a kind  items. Dennis Markel , from the Illusive Skull Costume Castle, will be our auctioneer for  this special auction. So … it is guaranteed to be a “fun” evening. Save your money and plan on having a great time with old and new friends.

If you are interested in donating to the silent auction, submit your donation online here


Lucky 13

Posted: February 6, 2019 

This article is from Party & Paper Magazine. 

"Predicting a television show or video game that will become a pop culture phenomenon can be a tricky endeavor. Who knew “Fortnite” would be such a smash hit and Halloween influencer?

Movies, on the other hand, seem to be a little more predictable. Sure, trends change, licenses rise and fall and movies flop. But superheroes, science fiction, horror and animated are the safest bet when it comes to movies that take off with costumers. 

Here is our annual list of movies due out this year that will likely impact the world of costuming and licenses. (The movies are listed in order of scheduled release, which, as always, is subject to change.)

The Prodigy | Feb. 8

This could be influential the way “The Nun” was in 2018. Miles’ half-painted face and multicolored eyes look creepy. 

Captain Marvel | March 8

The recent popularity of female heroines makes this flick fit the Wonder Woman recipe for success. Marvel Universe movies, in general, have a good track record of success."

Read the full article online at

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