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Come See The NCA Booth This Friday At The HPE Show!

Posted: January 22, 2018 

Stop by the NCA booth (3157) to renew your membership, relax, and catch up with old friends! The show will be held January 25 - 27, 2019 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Make sure you visit all the #NationalCostumersAssociation vendors to see what discounts they are offering this year. A map of the exhibit hall is available online here


How Experience is Reshaping the Retail World

Posted: January 22, 2019 

"According to Theodore Levitt, Harvard marketing manager, “you sell the hole instead of the drill.”

Retail is no longer defined by storefronts on Main Street. It straddles the physical and online world with online shopping and physical stores.

They can find the information with a click of a button online so retailers need to think about guiding customers through an experience. Customers are much smarter and more informed about which products to buy today because they often rely on a strangers review or a friend’s recommendation before even visiting a store. Given the revved-up research and purchasing power that online reviews help propel consumers to faster buying decisions, it’s crucial that retailers also leverage other important avenues that help influence and drive consumer’s.

Because we rely on others influence, even if they’re strangers, it’s important to figure out your narrative and how it fits into an ever-changing experiential world. Creating an immersive experience with your audience using your brand is one way to tip the scales in your favor.  Here’s some ideas on how you can create a successful brand experiences:

Sell convenience

It’s not enough to have a killer product in hand. There are different variables that contribute to products resulting in sales. Is it easy to order from your online store? Do you have a physical store where people can just pick up their purchases instead of waiting for their orders to arrive in the mail? Do you have a committed customer support team to help people answer questions about your store?

A great example of selling a convenient experience is 7-Eleven. Their earliest leaders praised customer service because they understood the value of attracting customers and doing whatever they could to keep them coming back. The founder Joe consistently preached “Give the customers what they want, when and where they want it.” — Joe C. Thompson, Jr., 7-Eleven founder.

Messaging Everywhere?

Therefore, your stores should make potential customers feel comfortable and convenient with your product and brand. For instance, even with e-commerce sites that are initially impersonal are now driving more engagement and conversions with customers through the use of chatbotsThis is being done by companies like Staples, and Pizza Hut to quicken the response time when addressing inquiries from customers. One other company that stood out is Sephora, their chatbot actually allows for customers to talk and help each other!"

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Did You Know That You Get FREE Advertising As An NCA Member?

Posted: January 22, 2019

Make sure you are taking full advantage of all of your NCA member benefits! As a part of your Buyer Membership, you receive FREE advertising. 

NCA will post your store on our social media channels. Simply send [email protected] a video, photo(s), or a short blurb about your company and we will post it to our social media channels! 

Another benefit of membership is being listed in the Locate A Shop search on our website. People will call in asking where they can find costumes near them and we refer them to this link! NOTE: When you join the NCA you are automatically added to this. Make sure your information is up-to-date by logging into your profile

Not a member? Please join us! 



How a Costume Designer Brightened M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’

Posted: January 17, 2019

"Paco Delgado’s costumes are as varied as his films. Contrast the drama “The Danish Girl,” the futuristic fantasy “A Wrinkle in Time” and the period musical “Les Misérables.” Now he’s in comic-book territory with M. Night Shyamalan’s newest superhero/supervillain thriller, “Glass,” which Universal releases Jan. 17.

The costume designer’s career began in Barcelona and London, and he attributes his eclectic design range to projects he worked on in those markets. “There were many opportunities [back then]. You’d do a contemporary film, then a comedy, then a drama,” he tells Variety on a call from London, where he’s working on an adaptation of T.S. Eliot’s “Cats,” his latest venture with Tom Hooper (director of “The Danish Girl” and “Les Misérables,” both films for which Delgado received Oscar nominations.) 

At first, though, Delgado wasn’t enamored of the moving picture medium. He studied theater design at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and then at Motley Theatre Design in London and began working on fringe shows. In the late 1990s, an old theater-school friend, Sonia Grande, was costume designer on “La Celestina,” shooting in Spain, and she asked him to assist her. “I didn’t really like [working on a film set],” he admits. “I thought it was too hectic, too frantic; I saw myself with a career in the theater.” But a few months later, he reflected on what an interesting experience it had been: “Cinema hooks you; it has an amazing way of bringing people into it.”


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2019 NCA Board Nominations

Calling all passionate and driven leaders! The NCA board is looking for individuals to take the NCA to the next level!  

We are a dynamic, hardworking, ambitious and creative Board. Serving on the NCA Board is a highly rewarding experience, with opportunities for people at any stage of their career. 

Open Positions:

  • President (August 2019 - July 2021)
  • Vice-President (August 2019 - July 2021)
  • Treasurer (August 2019 - July 2021)*
  • Director (August 2019 - July 2021)
  • Director (August 2019 - July 2021)
  • Director (August 2019 - July 2021)

*The Treasurer position is currently vacant, if you are interested in starting the position immediately please contact [email protected] 

Position Descriptions


The President is the inspirational leader of the Association. He/She constantly strives to improve the Association so that it becomes more valuable to the individual members. As the executive, the President is responsible for the completion of all duties listed in the Policies and Procedures manual whether assigned to elected officials or appointees.

It is the duty of the President to:

  1. Acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary law and procedure and a thorough understanding of the constitution, bylaws and standing rules of the organization.
  2. Preside over all meetings of the Association and the Board of Directors, call the meetings to order at the appointed time, announce the business before the assembly in its proper order, state and put all questions properly brought before the assembly, preserve order and decorum and decide all questions of order.
  3. Appoint Chairpersons of all specified Standing and Convention Committees and expend the right to change Chairperson/s whenever he/she feels it necessary for the good of the Association.
  4. Prepare a list of Committee appointments after elected. These appointments are to be published in the official publication of the organization, as early as possible, after the National Convention.
  5. Write a message to the membership via each official publication of the organization. 
  6. Write and distribute agendas for the Board of Directors and the Association meetings as well as the Summer Board Meeting.
  7. Serve as Chairman of National Conventions, coordinating all events with Convention Hosts and Convention Committee Chairpersons. Approve all Convention expenses.
  8. Approve and sign all contracts between the NCA and any other party after review by four board members. Be responsible for submitting copies of signed contracts to the Executive Director and Executive Committee members.
  9. Be an ex-officio member of all committees and may attend those committee meetings if he/she deems necessary.
  10. Call special meetings of the Board of Directors, if deemed necessary.
  11. Instruct the Office when and to whom any flowers or memorials are sent and inform board members of death or serious illness of member(s). 
  12. Act as liaison between the Executive Director, Treasurer and the Board of Directors.  
  13. Supervise the necessary changes and updates to the Policy and Procedures manual on an annual basis.
  14. Select at his/her discretion, the recipient of the President’s “Unsung Hero” Award and present it during the Awards program at the annual convention. Payment for this award comes from Awards-Members listed with membership expenses.  
  15. Ascertain quorum for all board meetings and Summer Board Meeting in advance of the meeting in cooperation with the Executive Director.
  16. Confirm meeting dates with Executive Director, who is responsible for giving written notice of same to the Board of Directors.
  17. Confer with the Vice-President on agendas for Board and business meetings.
  18. Review “action” plans from Board and business meetings with the Vice President to ensure follow-through on assignments.
  19. Generate a “Hotel Room Contact Sheet” for Board members at Winter Board, Convention and Summer Board meetings. 
  20. Act as liaison between the board and the Executive Director.



It is the duty of the Vice-President to: 

  1. Preside at the meetings of the Association or the Board of Directors, in the absence of the President.
  2. Perform such duties as assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.
  3. Serve as Chairperson of Grievance Committee as well as Chairperson of the Time and Place Committee (see Grievance under standing committees).
  4. Serve as Chairperson of Disaster Committee (See Disaster under standing committees).
  5. Act as the liaison between the Publications Director.
  6. Confer with the President on agendas for Board and business meetings.
  7. Confer with the President as soon as possible after each meeting to review action taken so that the President will be able to plan necessary activities before the next meeting


The Treasurer oversees all aspects of financial management, working closely with the management company to safeguard the organization's finances. This includes helping set the budget and  giving a financial update at the annual meeting.


It is the duty of the Directors is to:

  1. Manage the property and business of the NCA.
  2. Fill the vacancy of any office for the unfinished term.
  3. Employ and discharge professional association personnel, legal counsel, auditors or other professional persons; to fix fees or payments; and to assign duties of such persons or firms.
  4. Approve bills, discipline members and approve budgets.
  5. Determine the policies and activities of the association between annual meetings, and otherwise recommend actions subject to confirmation by regular members at the annual meeting.
  6. Suggest the dates of the annual meeting.


Click Here to Submit a Nomination


Questions? Contact Linda Adams-Foat at camelot[email protected]

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